Supporting John Rodgers

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Dear Editor,
We are writing in support of John S Rodgers’ run for Vermont State Senate. Many know that John is a  hard working man born and raised in the hills of the Northeast Kingdom. He is a proud father and loving husband and an contributing member of his community. He is honest, and is a man of strong conviction who is dedicated to representing the diverse voices of his constituents. What you may not know is the work John has done for people in the area even while out of office. John reached out to our family, during a time of great need, purely out of the kindness of his heart. He provided an invaluable amount of support completely unsolicited and expected nothing in return. It is the strength of this character that will represent the needs of the people of Vermont and be the best choice for Senate in the Essex/Orleans district.
Thank you,
Jeb & Amalia Harris
East Albany, Vermont

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