Shortages increasing

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by Meghan Wayland and Tena Starr

As the pandemic drags on, Vermonters are having to get used to something as unusual as this virus itself:  Shortages.

The first shortage was toilet paper. That was largely chalked up to hoarders, and they certainly played a role, though the fact that people were staying home and using their own toilet paper rather than the company’s, also was a factor.

Then some staples like rice and bread were on store shelves erratically.  Now the meat supply is threatened, though there’s no shortage of meat in the country.

Out-of-work people are worried enough about food to line up by the thousands to get military MREs (meals ready to eat), while pigs are euthanized, and crops plowed under.  Farmers are dumping milk while the Vermont Dairy Producers Alliance is calling on retail outlets to stop limiting how much customers can buy.

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