NEK economy is struggling with corona

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by Tena Starr

So far, the coronavirus has killed two people in Vermont, but it’s slaughtering the economy. 

We want to emphasize right away that it’s a steep price to pay, but if the alternative is our friends and family dying, it’s a price that must be paid. 

And that has been pretty much what we’ve heard from the people and businesses suffering from the pandemic. 

There are winners and losers in this strange coronavirus economy.  For the most part, it’s grave.  Restaurants and bars are forcibly closed, plunging workers who don’t have much of a safety net into abrupt loss of income.  

Over the weekend, Governor Phil Scott ordered “close contact” businesses, like hairdressers, barbers, and tattoo artists, who can’t do their jobs six feet away from the customer, to shut down at the end of Monday.  

Other businesses are struggling as the public largely retreats into self-isolation.  

And on Monday, the Governor directed all businesses and not-for-profits — to the maximum extent possible — to put into place telecommuting or work-from-home procedures, no later than 8 p.m. that day.

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