In boys basketball: Lake Region dominates Stowe in 93-38 rout

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by Harris Kinsey

copyright the Chronicle 2-5-2013

Hoping to get stay undefeated, The Lake Region boys varsity took on Stowe on Friday, February 1, at Don Harter Memorial gymnasium.  They dominated all areas of the game, and routed Stowe 93-38.  Caleb Prue was the high scorer of the night with 22 points.  Dakota Mcallister added 16 points, while Drew Gallup and Anthony Wright contributed 14 points and 10 points, respectively.  Petey Walsh led Stowe with eight points, but Stowe had a tough assignment playing an undefeated team on the road, and it was apparent from the get go that this game wasn’t going to be close.

The first quarter started fast for Lake Region with Dennis Newland scoring on a layup 20 seconds into the game to put Lake Region up 2-0.  Lake Region’s defense was dominant, and held Stowe scoreless until the 4:45 mark when Robert Buonanno scored on a layup.  Stowe would score only eight points the whole quarter, while Lake Region completely picked apart their defense and scored 22 points, 12 by Prue.  The first quarter ended with the score at 22-8 in Lake Region’s favor.

The second quarter started with Stowe getting the first score on a jumper by Buonanno.  Lake Region, however, would answer right back five seconds later with a score to make the score 24-10.  Lake Region’s defense was just as dominant as it was in the first quarter.  They full-court trapped, played half-court defense, and forced turnover after turnover — mainly steals and bad passes.  Stowe couldn’t do anything at all and scored only nine points in the second quarter, while Lake Region would score 28 points.  At halftime the score was 50-17 in favor of Lake Region.

The third quarter started with Lake Region scoring first on a layup by Gallup.  Stowe would answer back with Max King scoring on a layup.  Lake Region’s  defense was just as dominant in the third quarter as it had been all game.  Stowe finally scored in double digits in a quarter with 15 points in the third.  Stowe’s defense played better and held Lake Region to “only” 20 points.  After three quarters Lake Region led 70-32.

When the fourth quarter got under way it was quite obvious that Lake Region was going to win in a rout.  But Lake Region kept playing as if the game was close. Gallup would hit a jumper 15 seconds into the quarter for the first score of the fourth.  Stowe would answer back on a layup by Buonanno.  Lake Region’s defense took over the game again and Stowe couldn’t score, or do anything, against the Ranger defense.  Stowe would manage only six points in the fourth quarter, while Lake Region picked apart Stowe’s defense again, and scored 23 points in the fourth.  The game ended with the score 93-38 Lake Region.

After the game LR Coach James Ingalls said, “For the first time we played Ranger basketball for all 32 minutes.  We had not done that in all the other wins we’ve had, and we finally did that tonight.  All the players played well.  We had big contributions off the bench.  We played well defensively.  Also on the offensive end as a team we had 27 assists.  It was a team effort.”

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