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Falling balls raise Rotary funds

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DERBY — All eyes were turned toward the blue skies, looking up in anticipation of a truly special occasion. After the Fourth of July parade through the town had concluded, families and community members in Derby gathered at North Country Union Junior High School as the Newport Rotary Club held the first ever Lindy Palin Fly-Over. Dropping hundreds upon hundreds of ping-pong balls from a low-flying airplane, the fundraising event turned out to be a resounding success.

The Newport Rotary Club does lots of work throughout the communities of the region, often helping schools and giving scholarships. Those efforts take money and, after the pandemic over the past two years, the organization had to find creative solutions to fundraising. For years Rotarians organized a large basketball tournament that brought in a big part of the cash the organization used for its efforts, but restrictions forced the annual event to come to a pause for a time.

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