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Brownington rescue is home to rare donkeys

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 by Tena Starr

BROWNINGTON — A tiny herd of the rarest, and friendliest, animals in the world are corralled on a back road in Brownington.  Or at least when they’re not traveling to the University of Illinois where they’re taking part in a program to perpetuate their species.

Sue Arnold, of Arnold’s Rescue North and her longtime friend Bari Fischer, who serves on the rescue’s board, have nine Poitou donkeys.  They’re big, shaggy animals — almost prehistoric looking — with long, matted hair resembling dreadlocks, fat lips, enormous ears, and a bray that Ms. Fischer aptly compares to bagpipes.

“They’re one of the most endangered animals in the world,” Ms. Arnold said.

There’s about 600 left.

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