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Borderline Players offer a journey into the woods

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by Joseph Gresser

DERBY LINE—What could be more charming than an evening spent with the characters from stories we heard as children?  A lot of things, actually, especially when the stories come from pens belonging to the brothers Grimm or the French writer Charles Perrault.

Their stories were based on folk tales told by people whose lives were hard and precarious.  Hardship underlies such stories as those of “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Jack in the Beanstalk.”  While they have been prettified for the tender sensibilities of modern day parents — children have always been able to take the tough versions in stride — there are truths about the human condition lying at their core.

That, at least, is the belief that undergirds Into The Woods, the musical — musical comedy might be a bit overstating it — currently playing at the Haskell Opera House here..

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