2022 Election Results

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Katherine Sims prevails over Vicki Strong

In the game of musical chairs that began when the two-person Orleans County district jointly represented by Vicki Strong of Albany and Katherine Sims of Craftsbury was reduced to a single-member district, Representative Sims was the one seated when the music stopped.

She carried the new four-town district by a convincing 1,241 to 791 vote margin over Representative Strong and will return to Montpelier in January.

In the Orleans-Essex House district Representative Larry Labor of Morgan, who was appointed to the House by Governor Phil Scott when former Representative Lynn Batchelor of Derby moved to Florida, won election to a very different district than the one he served for a year.

The new district covers a swathe of Essex County in addition to Holland, Charleston, and Morgan.  Mr. Labor defeated Peggy Stevens of Morgan by 1,142 votes to 746.

Derby was carved out of the district Mr. Labor formerly represented and now has its own House member.  He will be Brian Smith, who turned back a challenge from Aimee Alexander, a teacher at North Country Union High School.  Mr. Smith garnered 1,141 votes to Ms. Alexander’s 760.

Senators were not immune from reapportionment.  Long-time Senator Robert Starr of North Troy ran against fellow North Troy resident Samuel Douglass in a district shorn of Newport City and Derby, but given Burke, Newark, and Eden.

Whether because of the new district lines or not, Senator Starr met a stiff challenge from his opponent.  In the end, Mr. Starr kept his seat with 5,287 votes to 3,792 for Mr. Douglass.

Senator Starr’s former seatmate, Russ Ingalls ran unopposed for a newly created seat, which includes Newport, Derby, and Lyndon along with Essex County.  According to the Secretary of State’s figures, with all 19 towns in his district reporting, he gathered 6,485 votes.


Note:  This post has been updated to reflect the final results of several races and corrected because information initially provided by the Secretary of State’s office about the number of blank ballots cast in the Essex Senate district election was erroneous.

Unofficial results from the 2022 General Election

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House —  Orleans 1

House — Orleans 2

House — Orleans 3

House — Orleans 4

House — Essex – Orleans

House — Orleans — Lamoille

Senate — Orleans

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Auditor of Accounts

Proposal Two — Prohibiting slavery

Proposal Five — Reproductive liberty


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