When “NO” means “YES”

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While some are critical of our Representatives for their “NO” votes, I personally think we should be thanking them for their “NO” votes.
The current Legislature under the guidance of Governor Peter Shumlin introduced numerous bills that raised taxes, such as H.754 that increased property taxes approximately 10%; other bills added costs to individuals and businesses as in H.468 that mandates increasing percentages of renewable electricity over the next two decades.  Several bills associated with Green Mountain Health Care attempting to bring the cost down; H.436, H.202, H.558 and H.559.   And H.718 that would compel the Public Service Board to refund to ratepayers their money as originally promised.  And H.41 that required mandatory work breaks. All of these bills originated with the Administration except H.41, and not with the House or with Speaker Shap Smith.
We should be thankful for Orleans County Representatives Marcotte, Kilmartin, Lewis, Batchelor, Strong and Higley for voting NO to increase your taxes, NO to increasing your cost of living or cost of doing business, NO to Green Mountain Health Care, until we know the cost, NO to bigger State Government and NO to increasing your electric rates.  Your Representatives are looking out for you and we definitely want them back in Montpelier.  Representative Young voted YES on all the above.

Chet Greenwood

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