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Thousands remain without power


copyright the Chronicle November 1, 2017   by Tena Starr   High winds roared through Vermont early Monday morning, felling trees, branches, and power lines, and plunging tens of thousands of homes into darkness. At the height of the outage early Monday morning... More »

VEC holds annual meeting


copyright the Chronicle May 10, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   JAY — The word on a lot of peoples’ lips at Saturday’s Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) annual meeting was “curtailment.” That means cutting back on renewable energy production when local transmissi... More »


VEC will seek help from FEMA for storm damage


copyright the Chronicle December 17, 2014  by Tena Starr Orleans County got off relatively lightly in last week’s big snowstorm. Several towns received a good foot of snow on the night of Tuesday, December 9. And they got it in a hurry. But the county was not ... More »

Ice storm causes widespread power outages


by Bethany M. Dunbar copyright the Chronicle 12-23-2013 An ice storm has knocked out power in northern Vermont and beyond.  Monday morning David Hallquist of Vermont Electric Cooperative said the storm is unprecedented in the amount of damage it’s done because... More »