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Man sent to prison for seventh DUI conviction


copyright the Chronicle September 27, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   NEWPORT — As he sifted through the records of a 49-year-old alcoholic who had recently been convicted of driving while under the influence for the seventh time (DUI-7), Judge Robert Bent appeared ... More »

Judge says impaired murder suspect understood rights


copyright the Chronicle August 30, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   NEWPORT — Can an inebriated murder suspect understand the rights he has given up when consenting to talk to police at the time of his arrest? In a 12-page ruling following hearings and expert testimo... More »

Man charged in Newport knife fight


copyright the Chronicle August 23, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   NEWPORT — A knife-swinging melee in downtown Newport Saturday night has led to charges here this week in Orleans County Superior Court. As the only suspect cited for his role in the fracas, Everett W... More »

Barton’s Hall of Fame farmers


copyright the Chronicle August 16, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   BARTON — Rupert Chamberlin stands next to the railing on his deck, which affords a magnificent view of the countryside and the Jay mountain range in the distance. It’s not the view, though, that hold... More »

In the land of cigars and rum, Part III


copyright the Chronicle January 18, 2017   By Paul Lefebvre   The thought of making a will occurred to me soon after I booked a flight to Havana. Actually, the thought had been trailing me around for the last few years, but I had done nothing about it. Maybe, ... More »

In the land of cigars and rum


copyright the Chronicle January 4, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   It had been hot all week in Havana. It was the kind of heat that gets inside your head so you feel hot even when you’re lying in your room with the air conditioner running on high. Ever since arrivin... More »

Irasburg fire leaves six without a home


copyright the Chronicle December 7, 2016 by Paul Lefebvre and Tena Starr IRASBURG — A fire late Sunday afternoon destroyed a camp off the Gage Road here and left two adults and four children homeless. “They lost everything,” said Robin Beaton, chief of the Ira... More »

Deer harvest up from last year


copyright the Chronicle November 30, 2016 by Paul Lefebvre The head deer biologist for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife speculated Tuesday that the harvest from the 2016 rifle season may be up by as much as 15 percent from the 2015 season. In an int... More »

Lost hunter tells his story


copyright the Chronicle November 23, 2016 by Paul Lefebvre   HOLLAND — A seasoned Brattleboro deer hunter who kept thinking positive survived four nights in the big woods here that extend across the border. John Chapman, 72, was found early Sunday afternoon in... More »

Moose kill down from 2015


copyright the Chronicle October 26, 2016 …To read the rest of this article, and all the Chronicle‘s stories, subscribe: by Paul Lefebvre The success rate among moose hunters for the 2016 archery and rifle season, which ended Thursday, October 20, is lagging sl... More »

Montreal man starts hemp farm in Holland


copyright the Chronicle October 5, 2016 by Paul Lefebvre HOLLAND — A former construction worker from Montreal with dual American-Canadian citizenship is hardly the kind of farmer one would expect to find here cultivating a crop still deemed to be illegal by th... More »