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Orleans sixth-graders learn how to make a difference


copyright the Chronicle April 19, 2017 by Elizabeth Trail   ORLEANS — How do ordinary people go about trying to solve big problems, like hunger, cancer and homeless cats? That’s the question that Andrea Gratton’s mostly sixth-grade language arts students at Or... More »

Orleans students gets letter from White House


©the Chronicle, 2015 by Elizabeth Trail ORLEANS — Nine-year-old Nolan Myers has been watching his mailbox ever since last spring, when he sent a letter to President Obama, along with a picture of a model of the White House that he’d made in his third-grade art... More »


Examining the crossroads of bullying and social media


by Natalie Hormilla “I wish that I could put a scrambler over my building that would not allow any airwaves to come in and out during the day,” said Lake Region Union High School Principal Andre Messier.  He made that comment during a phone interview Monday on... More »