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Newport council excluded from redevelopment meeting


copyright the Chronicle August 23, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — City council members were surprised, and none too happy, to learn Tuesday that the consultant they hired to guide the city’s redevelopment efforts would be meeting with a steering committe... More »

Newport hopes to improve its image


copyright the Chronicle June 7, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — In a marathon meeting Monday night, the city council considered ways of improving Newport’s image, the future of its downtown program, a new music series on the waterfront, and a possible ext... More »

Raboin, Merriam named to Newport council


copyright the Chronicle March 29, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — The Newport City Council is again up to full strength. After a special meeting Monday night to select two new members, the council is no longer the all-male bastion it has been since the de... More »

Four vie for two city council seats


copyright the Chronicle March 1, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — City voters won’t be asked to make many choices when they cast their ballots on Town Meeting Day. Mayor Paul Monette, who has already served in that office longer than any of his predecessor... More »

Newport City Council urges deep budget cuts


copyright the Chronicle December 21, 2016   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — For years the Newport City Council has set budgets that cut city spending to the bone. Based on the discussion at Monday’s meeting, the 2017-2018 budget may cut even deeper. By the end o... More »

Officials offer Newport economic hope


copyright the Chronicle August 24, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Although it’s had some reverses in the past year, Newport has friends. That message was clearly delivered Monday night when representatives from a wide variety of government agencies and nonpr... More »

Citizens hope to keep NCUHS school resource officer


copyright the Chronicle August 24, 2016   by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — SRO stands for school resource officer, but it could have meant standing room only at Monday’s Newport City Council meeting. More than 50 people, including a large number of teachers, staff ... More »

Mayor’s veto of free test water meters is overridden


copyright the Chronicle June 8, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Mayor Paul Monette vetoed a city council decision Monday not to charge 100 or so residents for water meters installed by the city in 2010 as a test of usage levels. Aldermen Jacques Roberge, Stev... More »

Newport City Council: Wilson tongue lashes council


copyright the Chronicle March 23, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT – Alderman John Wilson, the former president of the Newport City Council, stepped away from the meeting table Monday evening and gave his colleagues a piece of his mind. Mr. Wilson gained the lar... More »


Ward attends his last city council meeting


copyright the Chronicle July 8, 2015 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — As Mayor Paul Monette listed those in attendance at Monday’s city council meeting he noted a milestone. “For the last time John Ward is sitting as city manager,” Mr. Monette said. Mr. Ward, who h... More »