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Brownington murder trial set for end of month


copyright the Chronicle January 3, 2018 NEWPORT — Jeffrey M. Ray, 53, of Brownington will face a jury rather than try to negotiate a reduction in the first-degree murder charge he faces in the shooting death of Rick Vreeland. Mr. Ray has been held without bail... More »

Judge says impaired murder suspect understood rights


copyright the Chronicle August 30, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   NEWPORT — Can an inebriated murder suspect understand the rights he has given up when consenting to talk to police at the time of his arrest? In a 12-page ruling following hearings and expert testimo... More »

Accused murderer questions lawyer


copyright the Chronicle March 16, 2016 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT – A breach between an accused murderer and his lawyer was apparently healed by a talk from Judge Robert Bent. Jeffrey M. Ray, 52, of Brownington sent a handwritten note to the clerk in the Crimin... More »


Ray charged with first-degree murder


copyright the Chronicle May 27, 2015 by Tena Starr   NEWPORT — Jeffrey M. Ray, 51, of Brownington pled innocent here Tuesday to first degree murder and was held without bail. Mr. Ray is accused of shooting and killing Rick Vreeland, 53, his former wife’s husba... More »