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Facebook popup leads to scam


copyright the Chronicle April 26, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   BARTON — Sharon Bickford of Barton was on Facebook one evening last week when her computer screen suddenly froze. A window popped up, flashing an ominous warning — her computer was under a virus att... More »

“Mesh” may provide low-cost Internet connection


copyright the Chronicle February 15, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   NEWPORT — Diane Peel said she has met many parents whose children are expected to do their homework online, but who can’t afford to pay for an Internet connection. For these and those in similar c... More »


Two Barton men charged for child porn


copyright the Chronicle June 25, 2014 by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT— An online investigation led to the arrest Monday of two Barton men on child pornography charges. The two cases appear to be unrelated to each other. William M. Allen, 29, and Colton E. Chenard, 2... More »