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Non-stop rain taking its toll on farmers


copyright the Chronicle July 19, 201   by Tena Starr   Farmers, who have been accused of complaining about the weather even more than most Vermonters, have good reason this year. It’s rained, and it’s rained some more, making it nearly impossible to get in dry... More »

Farmers favor new DFA settlement plan


copyright the Chronicle May 18, 2016 by Joseph Gresser BURLINGTON – A crowd of dairy farmers spent a day in federal court here last week telling U.S. Judge Christina Reiss their thoughts on the proposed settlement in a case against Dairy Farmers of America (DF... More »


Sodden skies torment farmers


by Tena Starr “It’s kind of a nightmare.” That’s how Brandon Tanner of Glover described this summer’s weather and his own efforts to put in hay for his dairy cows. “It’s one of those things where you’re forced this year to get what you can get when you can get... More »