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Sanders rallies for Democratic candidates


copyright the Chronicle November 2, 2016  by Joseph Gresser NEWPORT — Senator Bernie Sanders has seen bigger crowds than the one that greeted him Friday afternoon at the Gateway Center here. But it’s doubtful that any gave him a more enthusiastic reception. Mu... More »

Rodgers considers a run for lieutenant governor


copyright the Chronicle March 16, 2016 by Tena Starr GLOVER – State Senator John Rodgers of Glover is considering a bid for lieutenant governor.  If he decides to run, Senator Rodgers will face fellow Democrats Kesha Ram, David Zuckerman, both of Chittenden Co... More »


Lyme disease victims seek more options


copyright the Chronicle July 2, 2014   by Bethany M. Dunbar HOLLAND — Graci Rudolph was the director of an active nonprofit organization in New York, working long days. It was work she thrived on and a cause she believed in. She did public speaking and fund-ra... More »