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In the land of cigars and rum, Part III


copyright the Chronicle January 18, 2017   By Paul Lefebvre   The thought of making a will occurred to me soon after I booked a flight to Havana. Actually, the thought had been trailing me around for the last few years, but I had done nothing about it. Maybe, ... More »

In the land of cigars and rum


copyright the Chronicle January 4, 2017   by Paul Lefebvre   It had been hot all week in Havana. It was the kind of heat that gets inside your head so you feel hot even when you’re lying in your room with the air conditioner running on high. Ever since arrivin... More »


An American woman’s memories of communist Cuba


copyright the Chronicle January 7, 2015 Editor’s note: Maria Hormilla is the paternal grandmother of Natalie Hormilla. This interview reflects but a small portion of her experiences in Cuba. by Natalie Hormilla Ask Maria Hormilla of Cranford, New Jersey, what ... More »