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Balloonists land in Brighton woods


copyright the Chronicle October 18, 2017   by Brad Usatch   BRIGHTON — When Barbara Fricke and Peter Cuneo launched from Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 7 in their gas balloon Foxtrot Charlie, they knew they were going to land somewhere. By the time their ... More »

Still more questions than answers about Shrinedom


copyright the Chronicle September 20, 2017   by Brad Usatch   EAST ALBANY — Four days after a planned daylong music festival collapsed for apparent lack of funds, organizers remain reluctant to explain exactly what happened, or what measures, if any, will be t... More »

South end of Willoughby becomes a state park


copyright the Chronicle July 5, 201   by Elizabeth Trail   WESTMORE — In a surprise move, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FPR) announced on Saturday that it’s turning management of the beach area at the south end of Lake Willoughby ov... More »

Lake Region continues to beat the odds


copyright the Chronicle July 5, 201   by Brad Usatch   When U.S. News and World Report issued its 2017 rankings of Vermont public high schools, no one should have been surprised to see Lake Region Union High School near the top of the list. For five of the pas... More »

The Luring haunts the Northeast Kingdom


copyright the Chronicle May 10, 2017   by Brad Usatch   LOWELL — Evil cast its shadow over Missisquoi Lanes on Saturday as The Luring, a horror film being shot in the Northeast Kingdom, borrowed the location for what is said to be a revealing scene in the movi... More »

If you can see grass, tick season is here


copyright the Chronicle May 3, 2017   by Brad Usatch   This week’s weather notwithstanding, summer is on its way, and with it, another year of tick vigilance for people and their pets. Lyme disease, the most prevalent pathogen spread by ticks, used to be a fri... More »

Ice fishing tournament covers the Kingdom


copyright the Chronicle March 1, 2017   by Brad Usatch   Game fish from Harvey’s Lake to Great Averill Pond are breathing a sigh of relief this week after having somehow lived through another Northeast Kingdom Ice Fishing Derby. In its thirteenth year, the con... More »

Dental center opens in Orleans


copyright the Chronicle January 11, 2017   by Brad Usatch   ORLEANS — The Orleans Dental Center is up and running and accepting new patients. Situated on Union Street behind the site of the now demolished Orleans Family Medicine building, the brand new facilit... More »