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Safe Choices – introduction


This series looks at a privately operated but state funded program created to deal with people who have two strikes against them:  a court has judged them to be mentally retarded, and they have been accused of a sexual offense for which, because of their disab... More »


Coventry man sentenced for knife attack


by Joseph Gresser copyright the Chronicle, 9-14-2012 Editor’s note:  This article is more recent than the Chronicle’s Safe Choices series published in 2010. The entire series is posted in the Safe Choices Program category from part one through 30 starting with... More »

Safe Choices 1 – Leave George alone


by Chris Braithwaite copyright the Chronicle October 1, 2008 NEWPORT — In his effort to take control of his life away from the state of Vermont, George St. Francis found an ally in Probate Judge John Monette. After a hearing on September 4 the judge ordered th... More »

Safe Choices 2 – Unhappy memories


by Paul Lefebvre copyright the Chronicle October 8, 2008 Two former clients of the Safe Choices program who went into the program under cloudy circumstances said in recent interviews they were treated as if they were sex offenders and threatened with jail if t... More »

Safe Choices 3 – Staff defends program


by Chris Braithwaite copyright the Chronicle October 15, 2008 NEWPORT — The people who run the Safe Choices program from a suite of offices on Seymour Lane are in a bind.  They work under strict rules of confidentiality, rules that protect the privacy of clien... More »

Safe Choices 4 – Ex-client wins fight


by Chris Braithwaite copyright the Chronicle October 22, 2008 NEWPORT — A 24-year-old farmhand we are calling Wendell walked out of Orleans County Probate Court Thursday afternoon, October 16, with something he had never had before:  his freedom. Wendell has b... More »

Safe Choices 6 – Who Protects who?


by Chris Braithwaite copyright the Chronicle October 29, 2008 NEWPORT — Few private citizens have had more experience with the Vermont court system than George St. Francis.  Few people could have found it more bewildering. The battle over Mr. St. Francis has g... More »

Safe Choices 7 – Attorney takes program to court


by Paul Lefebvre copyright the Chronicle November 19, 2008 A Family Court judge is expected to rule on allegations that the Safe Choices program — the program founded in 1993 to deal with sex offenders judged incompetent to stand trial — interfered with a Newp... More »