This Week’s Headlines

the Chronicle publishes every Wednesday.  Here are some of the headlines from our April 16, 2014, edition:

The Legislature this week:  Tax audit brings cries of foul

by Paul Lefebvre


Giant red oak snaps in Craftsbury

Photos by Julia Shipley


Nelsons and GMP reach settlement

by Bethany M. Dunbar


Holland school:  Budget passes on second try

by Richard Creaser


At North Country Union Junior High School:  Looking for stock market tips?

by Tena Starr


At NCUHS:  Sanders hears from students

by Joseph Gresser


Editorial:  Who’s going to flip the burgers?

by Tena Starr


The monthly planet:  Playing in the bathtub

by Steve Maleski


Ask the weatherman:  It’s coldest just before dawn

answered by Steve Maleski


Flood warnings in Orleans and Essex counties

Photos by Tena Starr


Barton Trustees leave third seat option

by Bethany M. Dunbar


Barton Solar gets $1-million VEDA loan

by Tena Starr


In Greensboro:  USDA grants $251,000 to fire department


Frost heaves:  nature’s speed bumps

by Leah Burdick


Three running for seat on VEC board

by Tena Starr


At the MAC:  Before I Die…I want to…

by Joseph Gresser


Bunny falls through the ice into Lake Memphremagog

Photo by Joseph Gresser


Derby Line Village Inn serves up Austrian fare

by Richard Creaser


North Country puts on Almost, Maine

Photos by Joseph Gresser


In Jay:  Easter egg hunt benefits food shelf

Photos by Lara Starr


Gratton shoots hoops at national competition

by Richard Creaser


In Superior Court:  Joerg pleads to Albany fire station arson

by Joseph Gresser


Niles pleads no contest to reckless endangerment

by Joseph Gresser


Credit union CEO gets time for embezzlement

by Tena Starr


Norrie pleads not guilt to murder


PSB to hold wind noise workshops


Book review:  Starling bird seeks truth about God

reviewed by Tena Starr


Ruminations:  Pancakes are just the beginning for maple syrup

by Bethany M. Dunbar


Yours from the Perimeter:  Booted in Montpelier

by Paul Lefebvre


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