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Chronicle Advertising Rates

We offer advertising for both our printed newspaper and our website. To see the rates, select Print Ad Rates OR Website Ad Rates. To submit an ad, use our forms: Submit Classifieds, Submit Website Ad, Submit Print Ad

Print Ad Rates

– Display Advertising –

Regular With 5% Quick Payer Discount
Basic rate, per column inch $12.50 $11.88
Back page rate, per column inch $13.50 $12.82
Half page (23″) $12.00 per column inch $281.75 $267.66
Full page (46″) $11.75 per column inch $563.50 $513.48
Full back page (46″) $12.75 per column inch $586.50 $535.32
Centerfold (92″) $11.50 per column inch $1,081 $1,026.95

These rates are non-commissionable and are based on a three-column tabloid format.

– Frequent Insertion Discounts –

Monthly (4 insertions) 5%

Seasonal (16 insertions) 8%

Every other week yearly (25 insertions) 8%

Annual (51 insertions) 12%

Discounts will be suspended on accounts with balances over 60 days.

–Volume Discounts –

Volume discounts apply on half page and larger ads. The per column inch rate drops to $12.25 for ads between 23 inches and 46 inches. For full page ads or larger the per column inch rate drops to $12. For centerfold ads (92″) the rate drops to $11.75 per column inch. An additional 5% quick payer discount can be taken from these rates. Call for details.

– Column Widths –

1 column =3-1/4″ wide

3 columns = 10-1/4″ wide

1-1/2 column = 5″ wide

Full page is 15-1/2″ tall x 10-1/4″ wide

2 columns = 6-3/4″ wide

– Cards of Thanks & Memoriams –

$10 per column inch.

– Prayers & Birthday, Anniversary –

$12.50 per column inch.

– Classified Ad Rates–

$3.00 each, up to 25 words. 12¢ a word thereafter.

Deadline is 12 noon on Monday the week of publication.

Classified ads must be prepaid.

– Flyers–

$60 Per 1,000……………… 6,000 suggested to cover area

Flyers must be folded to maximum of 8-1/2″x11-1/2″.

Folding charge if not folded (per 1,000)……………….. $12.00 per 1,000

Call well in advance for insertion placement. Subject to availability. Flyers must be either delivered to the press by Monday morning of the week they are to run OR delivered to the Chronicle one week in advance, by Tuesday noon the week before they are to run.

– Deadline For Display Ads –

Ad deadline is 12 noon on Friday for auction and real estate ads for Section B. Ad deadline for cards of thanks, obits, memoriams, building trade ads, restaurant and entertainment ads, etc., is 12 noon on Monday for ads specified for Section B. Ad deadline for all other ads is 5 p.m. Monday.

– Color –

Color is available for display advertisements. Please call for details, costs and availability.

RATES EFFECTIVE June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015.

We reserve the right to reject any ads.

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Website Ad Rates

Button ad: 125 by 125 pixel button on the top or side of the website: $200 a month. This ad will show up on every page, all the time.

Leaderboard: 550 by 60 pixels under the Chronicle masthead: $250 a month. This ad will show up on every page, all the time.

Skyscraper: 160 pixels wide, 600 pixels tall: $250 a month. This ad will show up on the side of every page, all the time.

Content-related tile ad: 180 by 150 pixels on inside pages, by category or page content. Examples include Things to Do and events pages, Editor’s Picks, Featuring, Reviews, Farmers and Food pages, Obituary pages. This ad will show up on the first (most recent) of the content-related pages — not all the pages. $50 a month, reduced to $45 if you run it for three months with no changes.

Business directory: Your business name, phone number, physical address, e-mail address, and web site. This will include live links. It will have a summary of who you are and what your business does, a photo and/or logo, and links to Google maps so everyone can find you. $200 a year. (You will see Who’s Who in Business listings on our site as well. These are reprints of the annual spring newspaper supplement from last spring and not linked or mapped). The Business Directory can be seen here.

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