WOW meets at the NorthWoods Stewardship Center

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WOW is a nationwide network of Women Owning Woodlands. On January 28 a group of women met at NorthWoods Stewardship Center to discuss starting a WOW network in the Northeast Kingdom, and to plan future events for women who own woodlands or who are interested in the stewardship of forested land.

WOW is a collaborative project of the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) and the USDA Forest Service, Cooperative Forestry Office. The purpose is to support women in forestry leadership and provide topical, accessible, and current forestry information in a women-centric format, to the growing number of women who own and manage forested land.

There was unanimous support for continuing this project with additional workshops, meetings, and information sharing. A winter tree identification walk was led by Nancy Patch, Franklin County forester, followed by a pot luck lunch where the group generated a list of topics for future WOW gatherings.

WOW welcomes all interested women. For information about future WOW events and meetings, please contact Rebecca Midthun at the NorthWoods Stewarship Center office at 723-6551, or by e-mail, [email protected] — from the NorthWoods Stewardship Center.

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