What one man did with 6,000 buttons during the stay-at-home order

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Mike Root of Newport created this gnome village during the stay-at-home order. 
Mr. Root’s activities are limited due to a rare neurological disease that causes muscle wasting, air hunger, weakness and fatigue. As a remedy for his increasing depression, he and his wife, Joanne, decided he needed a project, and they landed on the idea of a gnome village. 
In February, Mr. Root began building these miniature reproductions of what one might find in a gnome village. He artfully glued buttons onto each, and labeled them with fun German-inspired plaques! In a little more than three months time, the gnome village has become a Newport attraction. Putting a humorous spin on current times, Mr. Root’s Village is called “Kovid19 Retreat”.  Many drive by the Roots’ home on Pine Street in Newport to enjoy the unique display that adorns their lawn.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Root.
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