VSP seek info on Coventry burglary

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On 8/8/2019 at approximately 0830 hours, State Police received a report from White Mountain Auto in Coventry, VT advising the business had been broken into overnight. White Mountain Auto reported a missing safe, documents, and keys. Surveillance video revealed at approximately 0010 hours, the suspect entered the office of White Mountain Auto by removing a window mounted air conditioner unit. The suspect then went into the office area immediately to the location of the safe and into a back office. The suspect then left the premises through the window with the safe and other items. Exterior surveillance revealed a get-away vehicle pick up the suspect from the roadway in front of White Mountain Auto and travel toward Newport City. The suspect wore a bandanna-style face mask, hat, and was dressed in light colored clothing. The safe was recovered during the morning hours on 8/8/2019 on Wildflower Ln in Newport City. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Vermont State Police.

CASE#:  19A503094

TROOPER:  Sgt. Debra Munson                                             

STATION:  Derby                   

CONTACT#:  334-8881

DATE/TIME:  8/8/2019 0010 hours        

LOCATION:  Coventry, VT  


Sergeant Debra Munson

Patrol Commander

Vermont State Police

A-Troop Derby Barracks

35 Crawford Road

Derby, VT 05829

(802) 334-8881

(802) 498-8218

E-mail: [email protected]

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