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Predicting the future of milk and maple


copyright the Chronicle September 27, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   CRAFTSBURY — The future is not looking good for Vermont sugarmakers 50 years down the road. But opportunities will open up for dairy farmers — if they can stay in business until then. That was t... More »

Bill McKibben speaks at Sterling College


copyright the Chronicle February 22, 2017   by Elizabeth Trail   CRAFTSBURY COMMON — “We all want the places we live in to remain unchanged,” writer and environmental activist Bill McKibben told a crowd of about 200 people at a Sterling College open house on S... More »

Unprepared warns of the coming storm


We are Unprepared, by Meg Little Reilly. Published by Mira. Paperback. 353 pages. $15.99. Reviewed by Tena Starr It’s sometime around the present, and youngish, fairly prosperous hipsters Ash and Pia have recently moved to the Northeast Kingdom from Brooklyn. ... More »


Sanders calls for a political revolution


copyright the Chronicle February 18, 2015 by Joseph Gresser LYNDONVILLE — The U.S. needs a “political revolution” to rebuild a vibrant democracy, said U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Monday afternoon. “What I mean is not to burn down buildings or shoot people,” Se... More »