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Marchers rally for humane immigration policy


copyright the Chronicle March 8, 2017   by Joseph Gresser   DERBY LINE — A little before 1 p.m. Saturday a well bundled group of people stood in Baxter Park here, about 150 yards from the Canadian border. Some held signs saying “No Muslim Ban,” “Respect Everyb... More »

Some refugees leaving through Derby Line


copyright the Chronicle February 22, 2017     by Joseph Gresser   DERBY LINE — In the past few months an increasing number of foreigners have been crossing the U.S. border and seeking refuge in Canada. Canadian authorities say the trend is greatest in Quebec, ... More »


Border Patrol Agents nab two on Derby Road


by Tena Starr copyright the Chronicle 12-5-2012 DERBY — U.S. Border Patrol agents and local police arrested two men on the Derby Road here Monday who were wanted in New Hampshire in connection with a shooting in Nashua. Tuesday night, New Hampshire Assistant A... More »