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Students raise thousands for Harvey victims

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copyright the Chronicle September 6, 2017


by Joseph Gresser


Two Irasburg sisters who made their way to Houston, Texas, to pursue teaching careers came through Hurricane Harvey with their homes intact, but they and their students will be dealing with the devastation wrought by the storm for months if not years.

Chris Eldridge-Grant and Amy Eldridge-Green, who both work for the Klein Independent School District, also inspired an effort in the North Country Supervisory Union (NCSU) schools Monday that raised at least $4,100 for those affected by flooding. According to Liz Butterfield of NCSU, which sponsored “T-shirt Tuesday” to encourage donations, that amount will rise when the money has all been counted Wednesday.

The Klein district is one of two in the Spring area of northwestern Houston. Ms. Eldridge-Grant teaches English at one of the district’s five high schools.

Spring is a diverse community, Ms. Eldridge-Green said. She teaches English as a second language as part of her duties. She said nearly 120 languages are spoken by people who live in the community.

“Natural disaster is the great equalizer,” she said.

Even the more affluent neighborhoods were hit by the storm, she said, and the flooding destroyed many, many vehicles.

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