Sociologist to discuss cultural transformations in Greensboro

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Earl Babbie, American sociologist and Campbell Professor Emeritus in behavioral sciences at Chapman College, will speak on cultural transformations at the Greensboro Free Library on Tuesday, May 29, at 7 p.m. Mr. Babbie is the author of many books, research articles, and monographs.

“Solutions without Problems,” an online project of Mr. Babbie, draws attention to the many times “solutions” have been instituted to solve non-existent “problems.” Examples include voter ID laws, banning same-sex marriage, and outlawing marijuana. The goal of the project is to engender awareness and participation that reduces the damage this type of misguided social policy inflicts on society.

The talk at the Greensboro Free Library will discuss the “#METOO” movement. Starting with that movement, Mr. Babbie will examine whether society is actually seeing something bigger, beyond sexual assault, possibly a cultural transformation in the status of women. Is the achievement of gender equality actually on the horizon? He will talk about the nature of the cultural transformations, review some of the history, and suggest some of those that could be addressed in the future.

Call Mary Metcalf, librarian, at (802) 533-2531 for more information. — from the Greensboro Free Library

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