Rhonda Libby Memorial Trail Ride raises money for rescue groups in the community

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The trail ride that’s done on horseback has been held for the last eight years in honor of Rhonda Libby. Money is raised each year and donated to local animal shelters to help care for and feed the animals in the community. Ms. Libby’s memory is kept alive by doing two things she was so passionate about. Felines and Friends, the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter, and Kingdom Animal Shelter were this year’s recipients of the Rhonda Libby Memorial Trail ride. Each rescue group was given $950. Seen here is Connie Knaggs, vice-president of Felines and Friends and organizer of the Rhonda Libby Memorial Trail Ride, presenting Amelia Michaud and Toni Rushlow of Pope Memorial with a $950 gift card to Tractor Supply. Pigeon the cat, being held by Amelia, is available for adoption. –– Photo courtesy of Connie Knaggs

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