Paintings by Elise Andréa on display at Craftsbury care center

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Fine artist Elise Andréa’s work will be on exhibit at the Craftsbury Community Care Center during January and February.

Ms. Andréa was raised on a Vermont mountain farm from the age of nine. The sublime wild beauty surrounding her home greatly influenced and inspired her observation of the natural world. She began painting local wildlife,
rural landscapes, and her garden flowers at a young age. Haying with horses, cooking on a wood stove, caring for domestic farm animals and planting a large organic garden annually were her daily and seasonal themes. She has exhibited, won awards, and had her work collected around the world. She enjoys painting from her life experiences. She has illustrated books, magazines and other material for several authors. Her own illustrated children’s book, Gos’s Big Dreams (for boys) and Gaby’s Big Dreams (for girls) about a baby gosling and goose mother, was printed in Vermont in 2013.

Ms. Andréa has given private and group painting lessons and workshops for many years, and has a line of blank greeting cards available.

“I am inspired by the natural world, interesting textures, strong lighting, atmosphere, the sky, old architecture, as well as the feeling awe and wonder at myriad intricate details,” she said. “My subject matter is extremely broad, for I have seen and felt many things I have wanted to depict.”

The Craftsbury Community Care Center is located at 1784 East Craftsbury Road in Craftsbury.

To commission a painting or learn more about Ms. Andréa’s work, please e-mail: [email protected] — from the Craftsbury Community Care Center.

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