Newport man worked on new Pixar film

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A still from The Good Dinosaur shows Arlo the dinosaur and Spot’s varmint-like aspect.

copyright the Chronicle December 2, 2015

by Joseph Gresser

When the credits start scrolling up the screen at the end of a film, most people head for the exit.

For that reason few will still be watching as Wayne Hankin’s name gets its moment of screen time at the end of The Good Dinosaur, which came out the day before Thanksgiving. During the film, audience members will hear the Newport man’s contribution to the character of Spot.

The Good Dinosaur is the latest offering from Pixar, a company specializing in computer generated animation that was bought by The Walt Disney Company in 2006.

The premise of the film is that the asteroid scientists believe hit Earth 65 million years ago, and precipitated the end of the dinosaur age, was instead a near miss. In the film a… To read the rest of this article, and all the Chronicle‘s stories, subscribe:

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