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Photos by Amanda Camargo

The crowd stands for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the National Anthem at the start of the games.

HammerDown Motorsports and Hayes Ford hosted Monsters in the Kingdom II, which brought in large crowds of fans to the Creek Hill Barn property Sunday after having to cancel its Saturday events due to weather

John Fitzgerald, the driver of Turbulence, experiences his own turbulence as his left rear tire comes free from his truck after landing a jump.

Pictured is Tyler Leicht, the driver of Temporarily Insane.  He has been competing all over the east coast for the past three years and hopes to take his truck nationwide.

Pictured is the Michaels family of Lowell taking in their first monster truck rally in the east.  The family used to live in California.  From left to right, in the back, are, Isaiah, Carissa, and Josh, and from left to right, in the front are Ally and Jacob.

Before the day’s events begin, the monster trucks line up for the fans to have a chance to get up close and personal with these monstrous marvels.
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