Lightning strikes Newport Center home

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Chris Larose with remains from his chimney, which was struck by lightning during Saturday afternoon’s thunderstorms. The strike caused a temporary power trip on both VELCO and Vermont Electric Cooperative lines. Mr. Larose’s home is on the #12 Road in Newport Center.

His friend Cory Kambour witnessed the strike from the doorway of an adjacent shop on the property. He said he saw a big spark and fireball followed by blinding light. “It all happened fast,” Mr. Kambour said. When the light faded, he realized there was debris from the chimney all over the lawn. Mr. Larose was inside the house at the time of the strike.

Mr. Kambour said that, so far, they have also found a few outlets that are not working, which they believe is due to the lightning strike.


By Tracy Davis Pierce

Photos by Carl Leroux

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