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More on Lake Region closing after threat

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Lake Region Union High School was closed for the day on Friday after a youth made a gun threat on a social media platform Thursday evening.  After the threat was received, Orleans Central Supervisory Union (OCSU) Superintendent Penny Chamberlain ordered Lake Region closed for the day and elementary and middle schools in the union to operate under “modified lockdown protocol.”


She made her announcement in an email sent out to the parents of OCSU students.

Friday morning, Ms. Chamberlain sent out another message saying the person who made the threat was taken into custody by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department and is under supervision.

A release from the sheriff’s department said Deputy Kirsten Smith, the school resource officer at Lake Region, led an investigation after the department heard someone had made threats to both the school and particular students in social media postings.

With help from Deputies Carmen Visan and Douglas Morrill, she spoke with school officials and members of the community in a successful effort to find and speak with the person who made the threats.

According press release from Vermont State Police spokesman Adam Silverman issued early Friday said that due to the age of the person in custody no identifying information will be released.

However, the sheriff’s department release says the person will face charges of domestic terrorism and criminal threatening, and is scheduled to come before Judge Lisa Warren in the Family Division of Orleans County Superior Court Friday.

After learning of the arrest of the person suspected of threatening the school and students, Ms. Chamberlain sent out a second message to parents in which she said lower grades need no longer be under modified lock-down status, but Lake Region will remain closed Friday, “With an abundance of caution, and in an effort to offer support in a time when our concerns are heightened.” 

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