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Knights errant seek combat in Vermont

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by Matt Wilson

Last November, a group of warriors who train for combat in the medieval way came to blows, with real steel weapons and in heavy plate mail armor.  The event, held at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex was the first of its kind to be held in the state, and if its sponsor, Vermont Gatherings, has its way it will not be the last.

The group is looking for new fighters and, in the coming year, its founder plans to bring Armored Combat to the Green Mountain State.

Armored Combat is much more than medieval era live-action role play.  The weapons and equipment are historically accurate, a point of pride for the warrior who dons the battle garb. European armor styles dating from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries are the fashion, both for their allure and the heavy protection they offer.  Combatants enter a square ring wearing a fortress of metal, weighing upward of sixty pounds.

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