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Keith Beadle surveys a border village

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by Leanne Harple

DERBY LINE — Keith Beadle, who recently retired from a long-held position as a Derby Line Village Trustee, has seen a lot of changes in his neighborhood over the past few decades.  He was born in Newport, and grew up in Newport Center. He moved away from home to go to college at the University of Vermont and later becoming a junior high schoolteacher in Woodstock.

During summers, he worked as a temporary Customs agent in Richford, a job that was often filled by teachers during their time off from school.  The reasons for this were two-fold, he explained, it gave the regular year-round Customs agents well-needed vacation, and it contributed to what was then the measly pay earned by public schoolteachers.

Mr. Beadle estimated that at the time, he probably made about $8,000 a year as a full-time teacher.

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