In girls basketball: Lake Region finishes regular season 16-4

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by Harris Kinsey

copyright the Chronicle 3-4-2013

Coming off a win in their last regular season road game, the Lake Region girls basketball team hoped to get a win in their final regular season home game.  On the night senior players Ashley Locke, Drew Neal, Allison Hall, and Sarah Burnham were honored, they fought hard but came up short 56-45 in a game that featured two technical fouls. Brianna Robare led all scorers with 35 points, and Christina Dang added 11 points for Winooski. Drew Neal led Lake Region with 17 points, but didn’t get much help, as her teammates struggled to score points.

The first quarter started out slow until the 6:35 mark when Robare connected on a layup to start the scoring for Winooski. Winooski jumped out to a quick 11-point lead before Neal scored on a layup for Lake Region’s first points of the game. The whole quarter Lake Region scored only four points compared to 15 points for Winooski as Lake Region didn’t play good help-defense, and most of Winooski’s points were scored on layups. after the first quarter the score was 15-4 Winooski.

The second quarter started better for Lake Region as Neal connected on a three pointer just 10 seconds into the quarter. Winooski answered back 27 seconds later on a three point play by Robare. Lake Region started going on a little run, finally finding the bottom of the basket, and playing better defense. Winooski coach, Tom Prim, didn’t like some of  the calls made by the referees and received a technical foul at the 4:47 mark of the quarter. Lake Region made one of the two free throws, and then couldn’t seem to find the bottom of the basket. Winooski then started going on its own little run, and the quarter ended with the score Winooski 31, Lake Region 19.

The first score of the third quarter came on a layup by Robare at the 5:41 mark. Lake Region answered back at the 5:02 mark on a layup by Katie Menard. Lake Region played much better defense in the third quarter, forcing turnovers, and drew a few charges as well. Winooski managed to score only eight points in the quarter. Lake Region shot better and scored 13 points, helped out by two three pointers by Neal. After the third quarter came to a close Lake Region had pulled closer but still trailed by seven, 39-32.

Lake Region got the first score of the fourth quarter just 32 seconds in on a jumper by Michelle Thibault. Winooski had an answer with Robare scoring shortly after. Both teams played well on offense and then Lake Region started going on a little run that petered out when Winooski player Christina Dang received a technical foul at the 3:55 mark. After that again Lake Region started to struggle again. Winooski scored 17 points in the quarter to 13 points for Lake Region. The game ended with Winooski winning 56-45.

After the game Coach Mark Tinker said, “We struggled on both ends tonight. We got behind, and we played tight, and panicked a little bit. We had good stretches where we drew some charges on defense,and played great on offense, but we were inconsistent and couldn’t sustain anything good long enough to win the game.” The Rangers finished their season with a record of 16-4.

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