FBI: Tracking device in money bag leads to bank robbers’ arrests

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Two Vermont women accused of robbing two banks in Virginia were caught after authorities say they tracked them down thanks to a GPS device a teller slipped in with the money handed over during one of the heists.

Jennifer Bessette, 33, and Amber Fusco, 29, are faces federal armed robbery and firearms offenses stemming from the December bank holdups in Virginia, according to court documents filed by FBI agents.

Arrests warrants were recently filed against both Vermont women charging them with the federal offenses in Virginia.

They are both currently in custody and face hearings Tuesday in federal court in Vermont.

According to the court records, the bank robberies took place on Dec. 20 in Henrico, Virginia, and Dec. 23 in Richmond, Virginia.

In the first robbery, authorities said Fusco handed a note to a teller that read, “I need $10,000 No Dye Packs Make It Fast No Alarms or Else.”

The teller told Fusco that she didn’t have that much money and Fusco then took a handgun from her jacket and told the clerk to hurry up, court records state. The teller then handed over more than $1,000 and Fusco fled the bank, according to authorities.

In the second heist, authorities said Fusco handed the clerk a note reading, “I need all large bills. I have a gun and will use it. You have 30 seconds.” The teller complied, handing over more than $4,400 along with a GPS tracking device, court records state.

Authorities said they were eventually able to catch up to a vehicle thanks to the GPS device. They interviewed an alleged accomplice who later provided information leading to the charges against Fusco and Bessette, who was the getaway driver, according to court records.

Bessette and Fusco were both interviewed by authorities Thursday and admitted their roles in the bank robberies, court records state.

Fusco was arrested by Vermont police three times in the span of a week last year for offenses including leaving her 2-year-old child in a parked car along with drugs and her passed-out friend, according to WCAX.

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