Fanfare brings classical music, and garden hoses, to Coventry

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The backboards at the Coventry Village School resonated with the opening bars of “Star Wars” as the VSO-affiliated brass trio, Fanfare, opened their SymphonyKids program there on January 26. The group’s instruments, including a trumpet, a French horn, a trombone, and a collection of garden hoses were used to teach the students about brass instruments, how they are constructed, and how they produce their sounds. The children enjoyed several short pieces that were offered, particularly the one that the musicians played on their garden hoses! The Vermont Symphony Orchestra sponsors the SymphonyKids programs, which last year brought music of all sorts to 139 schools across the state, introducing some 22,000 young Vermonters to the fun and excitement of fine classical music. The three Fanfare musicians, Bear Irwin, Ron Wold, and Glendon Ingalls, bowed to the students’ final applause, loaded up their instruments and headed off to their next gig at the elementary school in Craftsbury. — submitted by Bill Peck.

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