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Department of Public Safety statement on death of Courtney Gaboriault







Department of Public Safety mourns employee Courtney Gaboriault



WATERBURY – The Vermont Department of Public Safety is mourning employee Courtney Gaboriault, who was slain Wednesday in Barre. Courtney, who was 29, worked for the department for the past nearly five years with the Vermont Crime Information Center.


She had worked as administrative services coordinator with the Vermont Marijuana Registry for the past 18 months.


“Yesterday, Courtney Gaboriault, a valued member of the Department of Public Safety family, was killed by a former boyfriend.  This was another senseless act perpetrated by a man who sought to control and dominate another person,” said Thomas D. Anderson, commissioner of Public Safety.


“Domestic violence touches us all — and yesterday it touched the men and women of the Department of Public Safety in a particularly direct and heart-wrenching manner,” Anderson added. “The epidemic of domestic violence requires attention from every one of us, and victims need our full support and understanding. It is important to remember that domestic violence is about the offender’s need for power and control, not a potential consequence of falling in love. Perpetrators of domestic violence act with a sense of entitlement to exert control over their victims. Domestic violence is never justified and is the antithesis of love.”


“The Department of Public Safety is committed to continue its efforts to protect victims of domestic violence, hold offenders accountable and do all we can to prevent such tragedies in the future.”


Courtney was born and raised in Vermont and graduated from Lake Region Union High School in Barton in 2007. In 2011 she earned a bachelor’s degree in human services from what was then called Lyndon State College. Her parents, younger sister and extended family live in the Northeast Kingdom and central Vermont.


At the Department of Public Safety, Courtney was known for her good humor, her love of animals and her commitment to helping others.


“She was always happy to help a co-worker with any issue. She brought a sense of joy to her work and her co-workers every day,” said Jeffrey Wallin, director of the Vermont Crime Information Center. “Her loss is keenly felt by her colleagues and all whose lives she touched. The thoughts of everyone who knew and worked with Courtney are with her family and friends.”


Commissioner Anderson informed department employees Wednesday of Courtney’s death, and counseling was immediately made available. The Department of Public Safety is supporting employees today by providing on-site grief counseling and will supply various forms of long-term assistance.


A memorial service for Courtney is being planned for family, friends and co-workers in the Northeast Kingdom.


Help is available to anyone who is experiencing domestic violence. Resources include the Vermont Network’s Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-228-7395. The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has a website with extensive information on available resources.


The Department of Public Safety also encourages anyone who is aware of victims or perpetrators of domestic violence to reach out to advocacy agencies or law-enforcement authorities.


A photo of Courtney courtesy of her family is attached to this release.

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