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Burglary in Craftsbury

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VICTIM: Shaun Allen

AGE: 42

Summary of incident and photos:

On the above date and time the Vermont State Police received a report of a burglary on Black River Road in Craftsbury. The tenant of the residence reported when he returned home in the afternoon of 08/05 he found the majority of the windows smashed and blood on the front door. Investigation revealed an individual or individuals entered the residence, caused damage to property and the structure throughout the residence, and left empty alcohol containers on the premises.

Below are photos provided by Misty Allen of the damage found at the property. She posted a statement that included this:

“The house is completely destroyed, every window broken, walls busted through, graffiti, appliances smashed, and even a sink pulled out of the counter.
This house was left to 6 of George and Claudettes grandchildren. Paperwork has already been signed to sell the property so that the older kids can pay down college debt.
The state police has DNA samples from the blood that is all over the house. Somebody is injured so keep an eye out for that.
The phone number to report any information to the state police is 802-334-8881. You can contact us for a case number.”

Neighbors reported hearing activity in the area between 0100 hours and 0330 hours in the morning of 08/05. Investigation into this incident is ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Vermont State Police barracks in Derby at 802-334-8881 or [email protected].

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