Breakfast on the Farm at Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm

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by Tracy Davis Pierce

Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm in Coventry is well known for growing vegetables for the local school, and for their methane digester that converts cow manure to enough electricity to supply 400 homes.

Today my family and I enjoyed Breakfast on the Farm. Area personalities served up wholesome pancakes, sausage, strawberries and maple syrup to kick start an adventure that we will surely not forget!

This Vermont Dairy event event drew a crowd so so large that there were cars as far as we could see lined up on the hill overlooking the farm.
Happy cows on maternity leave in the dry cow barn.
Signs like this were placed throughout the farm tour that included 14 stations.
Amazing greenhouse on site.
This sweet little calf had no problem resting amidst the busy isles of children and family members admiring all the baby cows!
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