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Albany and Craftsbury libraries add collaborative online catalog

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The Craftsbury Public Library and the Albany Public Library have created a new collaborative library catalog. The holdings in both library collections are now available to view online in one shared library catalog and patrons from either library will now have access to items from both collections with one library card.

For library users, this means that anyone who uses one library will now be able to automatically use the other library as well, and have access to even more books and materials. For taxpayers, this means that instead of each library buying and managing a subscription to the online system, the two libraries will share the cost of one subscription.

Every item in the catalog has a location listed, and when searching the catalog, users can see whether the item is available in Craftsbury or Albany. If an item is checked out in one library, it might be available just up the road. The catalog can be viewed at, or from the link on the libraries’ websites. Librarians Susan O’Connell and Kristin Urie are pleased to be able to launch this library collaboration, which increases access while reducing costs. For more information, contact the Craftsbury Public Library at 586-9683, or the Albany Public Library at 755-6107. — from the Craftsbury Public Library.

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