45th annual rabbit hunt winners

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The Orleans County Rod & Gun Club hosted its 45th annual rabbit hunt this Sunday, March 8, at the Orleans Municipal Building.

Trophies were awarded by club president Larry Burdick to the winners in the categories listed below:

Photos by Katie Haley

Heaviest Rabbit Category:

Third place, Jason Colbeth, 3.28-lb. rabbit

Second place, Tyler Earle, 4.00-lb. rabbit

First place, Tracey St. Louis, 4.18-lb. rabbit

Two Rabbit Category Winners:

Brad Riendeau, third place for 2 rabbits, 6.89 lbs.

Andrew Patton, second place for 2 rabbits, 7.04 lbs.

Noah Racine, first place for 2 rabbits, 7.93 lbs.

Three Rabbit Category Winners:

Dana Pappus, third place, 3 rabbits, 10.3 lbs.

Leon Moulton, second place, 3 rabbits, 10.5 lbs.

Ron Chaffee, first place, 3 rabbits, 10.5 lbs.

Junior Category Winners:

Owen Dunn, Junior first place winner for 3.94-lb. rabbit

Alivia Smith, Junior first place winner for 2 rabbits, 7.18 lbs.

Women’s Category Winner:

First place women, Paige Currier, 3.4-lb. rabbit.

Senior Winner:

First place senior, Ryan Duffy, for his 3.89-lb. rabbit

And the baby bunny award went to….

Jeremy Stevens for his 3.19-lb. rabbit.

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