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Tavern on the Hill

Tavern on the Hill
Tavern on the Hill

tavern pic's 014Tavern on the Hill is a new business adventure, but the staff is quite seasoned.  They are all a part of the 802, and they are owned and vested by each person who walks in the door.

The staff has worked with some of the best around, including Pete Kellaway, Lo Kelly & Dena Gray to name a few.  The business wants to become one of those memorable NEK places, both past and present, like Jimmy’s, Valleys, Lo’s Tavern, and the Nickelodeon Café.  The Tavern is a unique and fun experience, and we also support live acoustic local musicians three times per week or more.  The staff prides itself to be individuals, show personality, and impromptu fun is always had. The Tavern serves cold beer, and great food.

“ We just love what we do, and we appreciate the chance at being allowed to do it.”

(802) 334-9006
1724 East Main St.

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