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Scentsy ~ Velata ~ Grace Adele

Scentsy ~ Velata ~ Grace Adele

photoMeghan Perron is an independent Scentsy family consultant, a direct selling industry with a new business model.

“Each Scentsy family consultant has the opportunity to participate in multiple Scentsy family brands, selling different lines of products, all while building a single, thriving team,” Ms. Perron says.

You can enroll in Scentsy Fragrance to sell decorative warmers, fragrant wax, and home and personal fragrance products. You can enroll in Velata to sell decorative fondue warmers, gourmet chocolate, and accessories. You can enroll in Grace Adele to sell beautiful bags, clutches, jewelry, and other accessories. Or you can enroll in multiple brands.

“How do you choose which brand? It’s easy — just follow your passion,” says Ms. Perron. If you love delicious, gourmet chocolate, join Velata. If you love fashion, join Grace Adele. If you love beautiful, long-lasting fragrance, join Scentsy.

To order, to host a party, or to join Ms. Perron’s Scentsy family team, call (802) 673 6417, or e-mail

649 Roaring Brook Rd., Barton, VT 05822 • phone/text:(802) 673-6417

websites:;; and

Like her on Facebook:

(802) 673 6417
649 Roaring Brook Rd

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