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Newport Veterinary Hospital and Doctor at Your Door

Newport Veterinary Hospital and Doctor at Your Door

Providing compassionate, high-quality care for the pets of the Northeast Kingdom

Dr. Babineau, Dr. Hailey, and the staff care for your pets as if they were their own. The key to keeping your four-legged family members healthy is excellent preventative care, including yearly examinations, regular vaccinations, high quality nutrition, and dental care. During these tough economic times, money spent on protection and prevention may remove the need for long hospital stays, suffering, and costly medications.

There are things you can do at home to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Proper diets and feeding the right amounts to prevent obesity have been proven to help your beloved friends live longer. Also, for your pet’s safety, make sure your home is “pet proof.” Cats and dogs can be curious, just as children can be. It is important to remember, too, that our four-legged family members are not human, and MANY things that are okay for us, can be toxic to them if eaten or put on the skin.

In 2012 the Pet Poison Hotline listed the most common toxins for dogs and cats: Human medications (including antidepressants, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, sleep aids, and other human prescriptions), Xylitol (a sugar-free sweetener used in many gums and candies), chocolate, insect bait stations, rodenticides (mouse and rat poison), fertilizers, silica gel packs (drying agents in packaging), household cleaners, lilies (deadly for cats), canine pyrethroid insecticides (topical flea and tick medicine designed for dogs but placed on cats), paints and varnishes, veterinary non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (Rimadyl®, Deramaxx®), and glow sticks/glow jewelry. There are so many things that can affect our pets — think and ask. A veterinarian is always available by phone!

(802) 334-2655 • (802) 334-2655
246 Vt RTE 105

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