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Cold Spring Kitchen

Cold Spring Kitchen
Cold Spring Kitchen

Cold Spring Kitchen is a full-service deli, bakery and catering service conveniently located inside Currier’s Quality Market in Glover. You will see Martha Duffy Willey and Dallas Willey working away when you look to the right as you enter the market.

Martha worked in several bakeries and delis in the Burlington area before the Willeys decided to start their own business. So they pulled the best ideas from her former places of business and some of her own best ideas together for a satisfying, hearty and healthy menu at the deli. They started the Cold Spring Kitchen six months ago. The menu features fresh products made of quality ingredients.

If you stop by in the morning you will find a number of pre-made breakfast sandwiches in the warming case, easy to grab with a cup of coffee and you are ready to go. Of course anything else can be made to order quickly with a smile. And the same for lunch time.

But Cold Spring Kitchen might be becoming best known for Martha’s signature hand-stretched bagels and incredibly huge, moist and chewy, wrapped pairs of molasses cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and four-packs of muffins. These are available at the store all day, whether or not the deli is open.

Stop in and check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

2984 Glover Rd., Glover, VT 05839 (inside Currier’s Market)

2984 Glover Rd

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