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Audiocarve has been very busy and are planning some great changes for 2013. They have added a new employee to help out during busy times, and have a complete sound room re-model coming in March! They will showcase their full line of Alpine car audio products and car stereos, as well as some really neat Bluetooth solutions. Navigation mirrors, backup cameras, and headrest DVD players will also be on display. Their new two-way remote start model is available and allows you to always know when your vehicle is running!

In cellular Audiocarve’s line of AT&T phones and products is always expanding. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about the phones, and knows how to save you money by selecting the perfect plan for you! They have a variety of cellular boosters for both vehicles and buildings. The in-home booster will provide better cellular coverage within a 3,500-foot area. As always, they have tons of accessories including chargers, cases, and screen protectors.

Whether it is car stereo, cellular, remote starts, or more, come see us at Audiocarve!

Audiocarve would like to send a huge “Thank-You” to all of its customers this past year! Stop by their store and meet Jim and Sherri Sullivan, owners; and Lonni Leavenworth and Sarah Gonyaw, your cellular specialists.

Hours: Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m.–5 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Rte. 105 West, Newport, VT • (802) 334-3032 Like them on Facebook.

(802) 334-3032
Rte. 105 West

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